5 Reasons Why You Need a New Roof

At Silverline Roofing, we are more than happy to provide roof repairs, re-roof efforts, and roofing solutions for houses in the Edmonton and Alberta areas in Canada. Most homeowners are unable to tell whether the home requires a new roofing job, and we would like to share five reasons on why you need a new roof.


  • Increasing the house value on the market

We like to have bright and shiny new things, and the same psychology applies when it comes to putting a house on the market. At the same price, no one is going to pick a dilapidated looking shack over a newly painted, cozy house that has had its roofing repaired and reconditioned to ensure that there will not be any complaints about leaks or mold growing on the shingles. A house that has undergone a re-roof procedure will certainly provide the homeowner with the option to opt for a new look that will help make that property stand out from the rest of the other homes on the street, hence increasing its resale value and uniqueness. The investment might seem to be rather high at first, but the returns from the housing market upon a successful transaction will be far greater.


  • New roofing technology safe costs

While the old roof might still be in good condition and has been properly maintained, how about casting an eye into the future? There have been leaps and bounds made in roofing technology over the past decade, where modern roofing technology will even feature an Energy Star rating. This kind of roofing materials has been specially designed to ensure solar heat is reflected away from the building to ensure that the occupants within will remain as cool as possible. This will not only help homeowners slash their cooling and energy costs, the updated roofing materials and technology will also help save even more money over time as modern day roofs do offer warranty periods of up to 50 years. This is one of the treasured legacies that the next generation can inherit from a homeowner.


  • Wind & hail damage, falling debris

In times of a storm, it is always wise to take shelter within a designated area of a house. Depending on the severity of the storm, one might be able to get through the entire experience without suffering from any major damage to the house’s structural integrity. However, there are times when a severe storm can result in wind or hail damage, not to mention the ever present risk of falling debris causing quite an unsightly view of the area. Strong winds can actually blow off shingles from the roof deck, which will subsequently lead to leaks and different kinds of interior damage. Wind damage is also not limited to missing shingles alone, as the adhesive seal on the roof might be broken, resulting in a breach in the water-shedding surface. As for hail damage, that is far more easily identifiable, but it is always advisable to obtain the assistance of a professional roofing contractor in order to assess the damage and take the necessary repair steps. Getting rid of fallen debris is another area in home maintenance that falls under part and parcel of storm damage.


  • Solve that leak problem once and for all

Nobody likes to live in a damp environment that is not only bad for the furniture and carpets around the home; it is also a threat to the health of all who live within. Thankfully, it is easy to check for leaks whenever there is a water spot on the ceiling, but it requires a level of expertise that professionals like us can deliver in pinpointing the cause of the leak. There are many different causes when it comes to a leaking roof, ranging from damaged shingles to missing flashing around a chimney, or other possible entry points which cause water to seep in, uninvited. While most leaks start out small, this is a warning sign that should not be ignored as being in different will eventually lead to far more serious damage. Since winter can be rather acrimonious where we serve, we understand how ice dams can also be another cause for unwanted water entry into the home.


  • The roof is simply plain old

If there is one thing that nothing can escape from, it would be the passage of time. Any roof, no matter the kind of material that is used, having undergone the highest levels of artistry, will still fall prey to entropy as time passes by. Even meticulous levels of maintenance will eventually require the whole roof to be replaced eventually, and this is where obtaining sound advice from us is the best possible step in making sure the house has a brand new roof which will be able to provide shelter and comfort for many more generations to come. If a homeowner can see daylight through the roof boards, notice loose fittings around the roof, or have corroded roof valleys, these are sure fire signs that the roof is in need of serious repair or a total replacement.


Our highly trained specialists at Silverline Roofing will be more than happy to drop by your home in the Edmonton and Alberta areas to inspect the condition of the roof. This is essential for us to be able to deliver the best possible advice and remedial steps to make the roof look as good as new, be it for resale purposes or simply giving the well-loved family home a long deserved makeover in time for the special occasion.