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Re-Roofing Checklist: What to Check When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

No matter how well maintained the roof is, a building owner has to think of re-roofing sooner or later. Hiring the right roofing contractor is the most crucial thing when it comes to having your roof re-roofed. Read our blog to learn when you need a new roof. Silverline Roofing has a large customer base in the Great Edmonton Area who can testify to our roofing expertise.

Take a look at the factors that you should keep in mind before hiring a commercial roofer:


Take a look at the factors that you should keep in mind before hiring a commercial roofer:



When you ask for a contractor’s references, the chances are that they will hand you a list of their most satisfied customers. Instead, ask for references of their most recent customers because they will be able to give you an idea of the standards that the roofing contractors maintain. Also, ask for the references of the customers that they served a few years ago. Speaking to these customers will give you an idea of how loyal they are to their customers.


Business age

Commercial roofers who have been in the business for 20 years or more can be more easily trusted because, in a highly competitive sector like this, they couldn’t have lasted this long without being reliable.



Roofing contractors are required to provide commercial liability insurance coverage for employees for any mishaps during the project. If the contractor has not included a proof of insurance in their proposal, insist on a copy and cross-check with the insurance agency to confirm that the policy is valid. 


Worker expertise

Manufacturers of certain roofing products only allow contractors who have specific qualifications to install their products. Check with the roofing contractor how many roofing products their workers are qualified to install. Additionally, check if the workers are trained in OSHA safety measures to make sure they will not bring harm to themselves or those around them during the project.


Understanding the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty will enable you to avoid actions that could lead to the nullification of the warranty. If your roofing contractor is providing the roofing products for you, ask them to give a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty. Roofing contractors also provide workmanship warranty covering faulty installation. 


Roofing contractors sometimes use subcontractors for certain parts of the project. Then, the subcontractor’s credibility would become as important as the roofing company’s. If subcontractor bids are included in the proposal, ask the roofing contractor to provide thorough background verification for them. Also, check if the roofing contractor will oversee the subcontractor’s work.


Most reputable commercial roofers offer a maintenance program that will help keep the roof in the best condition with regular maintenance and necessary repairs. Find out if the program is included as a part of the contract for a certain period or if it is an extended service with a concession.


Ask the roofing contractor to provide an extensive copy of their safety records that includes both their OSHA logs and their EMR rating. Never hire a roofing contractor who has a bad safety record or if they cannot provide the records. 


A commercial roofer who qualifies all these parameters can be counted on for any roofing project. Silverline Roofing provides commercial and residential roofing/re-roofing services. We stand apart from other commercial roofers by standing behind every warranty we provide and by carrying out a thorough inspection of our job after completion. Contact us today for any of your roofing needs.