Signs Your Flat Roof May Need Replacement

It takes years of hard work and money to build your home. It is essential to look into every detail of the home building aspect, especially the roof over your head. When you have to choose a roof type, it should be ideal for the kind of climate, style, and functionality of the roof. Flat roofs are cheaper and easier to clean. Additionally, they are durable and allow easy access to inspect any leaks or damages. They are usually suited for high-wind areas because of their high wind resistance. Count on the team at Silverline Roofing for reliable roof replacement services. 

While flat roofs are very convenient and versatile, they can also be subjected to wear and tear and may need repair. A few signs that indicate you need a roof replacement are:

  • Pooling of Water

If there is extensive pooling on your roof of water during the rainy season, you should consider replacing it. The pooling of water, at first, may seem innocent but will lead to bigger problems. Water begins pooling at the lowest point and starts weakening the structure of your roof. This causes not only leakage but also corrosion due to moisture retention, which leads to worse problems if there are cracks in the roof. The water will seep into the cracks and ruin the ceiling. Besides, the collection of dust and mud, if left untreated, will grow vegetation.


  • Cracks and Tears in the Roofing Material

Whether you have your flat roof covered in fiberglass, rubber or OSB boards, you will have a problem when the material starts to tear. It could be because of the weather, the regular wear and tear or because of human interaction. The cracks most commonly occur at the seams of where two pieces of the material are joined. If the tear is small, you can have it repaired quickly. But if you notice such tears throughout the roofing material, you will have to get it replaced before it causes more damage.


  • Vegetation

Vegetation on a flat roof is a bad sign unless you have planted it yourself. While small patches of moss lichens and algae don’t seem like a problem, they may be the result of a bigger problem. Such vegetation needs moisture to grow, which means there is unwanted water retention or leakage on your roof. If moss is growing on your roof, have it inspected by professionals. It could be a small issue that can be solved with minor repairs or a bigger problem that may need a roof replacement.


  • Sealing of Adjoining Walls and Upstands

When your roof is built, it is essential not just to focus on the flooring of the roof. The joints where adjoining walls meet the roof and cracks near the upstands on the roof also need to be adequately sealed. If not, these cracks can cause a lot of damage in the name of leaks. If the roofing material does not cover up the gaps, it can lead to many severe problems.


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